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What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Law is a federal law included in the US Constitution that can protect consumers who are unable to effectively manage and pay their debts.

  • Bankruptcy is a financial tool that consumers and businesses can use to repay their debts if they cannot pay their bills on time
  • Bankruptcy provides a way to pay current bills so that a consumer’s credit can be rebuilt
  • Bankruptcy can be a way to figure out an optimal plan to pay back creditors through liquidation, securing debt, or reorganization
  • Bankruptcy can help in some cases to eliminate debt and to put creditor’s dues on hold
  • Filing for bankruptcy can protect you from lawsuits, creditor harassment, and wage garnishment
Five Star Review

“I have had extensive experience working with Jerry King. He is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Additionally, he returns phone calls quickly and is happy to take time with his clients. I have referred friends and family and they have all been satisfied.”

Matt S., Sarrasota

Five Star Review

“My wife and hired Mr. King to do our estate plan and we are pleased with our choice. He took his time explaining everything to us and even took the time to speak with our financial adviser in order to make sure we had a solid plan.”

Gary D., Sarrasota

Five Star Review

“Attorney King was able to resolve my IRS tax debt into an affordable monthly payment. I was very pleased with his service and fee, and would recommend him to family, friends, or anyone looking for great tax attorney.”


Five Star Review

“His knowledge and expertise streamlined the process and got the matter resolved quickly and fairly. I was extremely happy with the outcome and with Mr. King’s services. I can now move on with my life and look forward to happier days. And for that I have to say “Thank you Jerry King”.”

A Satisfied Client

Five Star Review

“Mr. King was a great help. He explained my case in terms that I was able to understand, he kept me informed and ease my stress in a difficult situation.”

A Satisfied Client

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